WATER LILY: Upon the River

“She wooes it nearer still to glide;
And iust her rosy finger-tips
Can touch its gently curving side;
But, on the touch, adown it dips,
And o’er the limpid wave doth slide;
As, riding at their anchor, ships
Swing slowly round, in circlings wide,
Upon the drifting of the tide.”

~ Frank Waters “The Water Lily: An Oriental Fairy Tale”

Hello Dear friends!

This next piece is inspired in Victoria Amazonica, the world’s largest Water Lily, whose leaves can span seven-feet across.
When the heat is on, these plants of myth and legend bring their magic and beauty to the world.

A piece designed to shine in the center of a room. With lacquered wooden structures that resemble water lilies and with frosted glass mimicking the flowing current of a river, this piece represents the restless nature, full of movement and shapes.

Additional Information: 120cm x 70cm x 40cm 47,2” x 27,5” x 15,7”

PT: Olá queridos amigos!

Esta nova peça é inspirado na Victoria Amazonica, o maior Lírio do mundo, cujas folhas se podem estender por sete metros de diâmetro.

Quando está calor, essas plantas de mitos e lendas trazem sua magia e beleza para o mundo.

Uma peça projetada para brilhar no centro de uma sala. Com estruturas de madeira lacada que se assemelham a nenúfares e com vidro fosco imitando o fluxo de corrente de um rio, esta peça representa a natureza inquieta, cheia de movimento e formas.