UNDA | Sleepless Design is an exclusive Furniture and Lighting Design Company, from Portugal, inspired in the beauty of the Mythological World.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has always been fascinated by beauty; it can be the cause of his greatest joy or of his biggest displeasure. Poets and singers have sang paeans about man’s fascination with beauty and the ancient civilizations commemorated beautiful things. In fact, people were so enamored with this concept that they actually deified beauty by identifying and worshipping Female Goddesses. Extraordinary Tales and Odes were created inspired in this magnificent world, and one of them touched our souls; the Tale of “Ondine and her Curse”.

When you acquire a UNDA piece, you’re not just is buying furniture; you are taking with you a fragment of Art History, transforming your space into something mystical, dramatic, emotional and beautiful, becoming yourself a part of this storytelling.

Mission | Through our pieces, we are the Storytellers of our real world. We want to give you a full sense of this mystic, glorifying and admirable kind of life, creating art inspired in myths of Gods and Goddesses, legendary Warriors, mythological Creatures, real and powerful Men and Women that walk or walked this earth Godlike, leaving their footprint in Architecture, Fashion or Technology.

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Passion| UNDA firmly believes that any individual who wants to leave his mark has to be really passionate about what he does and this feeling as to be a part of the Soul. What is life without passion, love, drama, happiness, cosiness, friendship? All of these feelings are very present in the Mythological World, which we transport to our pieces.

Design| Design is the reason for UNDA to be alive; is the tool that allows us to explore and overcome all the limitations of creativity; is the intense search for new ways of presenting our identity and our soul; is the excellence of functionalism. Design is, truly and inexplicably, what molds the shape of our hearts.

Character| UNDA’s character is very vividly reflected in our pieces. All of the emotions that come to us when reading a Tale or admiring other pieces of Art are given to our designs. It’s very important for UNDA to mix the soft, curvy, tender and loving shapes with the strong, intransigent and bold structures. Only this way we can create an atmosphere that even resembles with the “out of this world” stories, and allow you to be a part of our dream.

Perfection| UNDA is very attentive to detail and we guarantee the quality that is expected of us. A team of talented, tenacious and experienced craftsmen from our workshop offers you the chance to be a part of this deified Storytelling. Our passionate designers, in addition to our collections, work both diligently and strategically to tailor any product to your specific needs.

Transparency| Clear and honest people create value and also help ensure high-quality statements and products. UNDA as a clear language and a transparent relationship with workers, creating an enjoyable and motivating workplace, where everyone can collaborate and exchange ideas. Likewise, all of our clients should expect full and detailed information regarding the final products developed by us.

Innovation| Without a doubt, innovation and technology is currently one of the premises of UNDA, and adds value to our work. With constant search for new ways of working the most
varied materials, to the use of cutting-edge Technology developed by University Research Teams, we want to provide the best that Portugal and the World has to offer.