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BOREAS | The Power of a Greek God

Hello friends! Just stop by real quick to show you the final result for the BOREAS Sideboard! What do you think? BOREAS | The Power of a Greek God PT: Olá amigos! Estou de passagem apenas… Continue reading

VALAR: The Undying Elegance

“May it be an evening star Shines down upon you May it be when darkness falls Your heart will be true You walk a lonely road Oh how far you are from home”… Continue reading

LEONOR: A decorative style

Hello my friends! How are you? The trip to Lithuania is going really well. We’ve gathered some inspiring pictures and we’ll post them when we get back to Portugal. In the meanwhile, we… Continue reading

CASSANDRA: The irony

Hello my friends! How are you guys doing? We have been working very hard, and landed some new and exciting projects. Before introducing the new piece, let just add that one of the Co-Owners… Continue reading

WATER LILY: Upon the River

“She wooes it nearer still to glide; And iust her rosy finger-tips Can touch its gently curving side; But, on the touch, adown it dips, And o’er the limpid wave doth slide; As,… Continue reading

LUSITANO: The new Kingdom

Hello dear friends!!! We have a new piece: LUSITANO, a chiffonier for the Unique Edition. It was inspired in “Os Lusíadas”, usually translated as “The Lusiads”; a Portuguese epic poem by Luís Vaz de Camões. Written… Continue reading

LOTUS: Welcome Spring!

A sense of warmth is tapping at the door; And hope, a feeling out from distant lore – Or so it seems – clears the deep refrain! Emerging youth: a dormant lea awakes.… Continue reading

SISU: The Finnish Nature

Hello dear friends!!! Fist I want to thank you for our 2600 views!! It’s been a pleasure to share our work and passion with all of you! To celebrate, UNDA created the next… Continue reading

Stay tuned

We have showed you the “Boreas” piece, that will be part of the Unique Edition. Now, we’re developing some pieces for the Collection. Stay tuned for hot news!!! Working working working!!! Meanwhile, I… Continue reading