LOTUS: Welcome Spring!

A sense of warmth is tapping at the door; And hope, a feeling out from distant lore – Or so it seems – clears the deep refrain! Emerging youth: a dormant lea awakes.… Continue reading

SISU: The Finnish Nature

Hello dear friends!!! Fist I want to thank you for our 2600 views!! It’s been a pleasure to share our work and passion with all of you! To celebrate, UNDA created the next… Continue reading

DRACO: the Gate Keeper

Hello again friends!!! We have a new piece… This one is inspired in Alduin – also called the World Eater, the Nordic God of Destruction. Alduin was dragon whose return was a result… Continue reading

GAUDI: Let there be Light

Hello dear friends!!! UNDA is proud to present the new and colorful piece for the Magni Collection: GAUDI, a folding screen made of Stained Glass. UNDA and Antoni Gaudi share the same two… Continue reading


The Black & White Diamonds photoshoot takes place in the resort town of Eilat, Israel. Except this one is underwater. Fashion TV has the magical shoot just for you in 3D. Models Ellie… Continue reading

The soul inside me and the dreams I seek

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” – Bo Bennett The inspiration for new pieces come from everywhere; you just have to be with your eyes wide open to… Continue reading

Magni Collection: Sneak Peek

Hello dear friends! It is with great pleasure that we show you a little of our new piece for the Magni Collection. This collection will have a mixture of several elements: different materials,… Continue reading

BOREAS: another point of view

Hello my dear friends! How was your Valentines day? We have been working non stop just to show you another point of view of “Boreas”: our newest addition for the Unique Collection; a… Continue reading

Stay tuned

We have showed you the “Boreas” piece, that will be part of the Unique Edition. Now, we’re developing some pieces for the Collection. Stay tuned for hot news!!! Working working working!!! Meanwhile, I… Continue reading

BOREAS: new sideboard by UNDA

The new Sideboard by UNDA is called “Boreas“, and it’s inspired in the Greek God of the cold North Winter and the bringer of Winter. His name means “North Wind” or “Devouring One”. Boreas… Continue reading